Many years ago, I went to our local farmers market on the square of our local town. I met a very nice man there selling daylily fans. He showed me pictures and said I would love them. I purchased 3 daylilies on this day. I planted them and fell in love at the first bloom.

A year or so later I found out that the same person I purchased these lilies from was my neighbor, He would come by on his UTV with lilies that needed to be disposed of and would drop them off. I planted a large bed filled with lilies that had a beautiful bloom each year. As time passed my husband and I decided to move, upon the selling of our home I had every intention of digging up my lilies and taking them with me. Unfortunately, I was unable to take them with me due to the selling requirements of the home. I had never been to the neighbor’s home.

I went by one day and wow is all I can say about their sprawling gardens around their home. I met his wife and to this day they are both near and dear to me. I mentioned when we moved that I was devastated I could not take my lilies with me. She was kind enough to say come and dig, let’s get you some lilies. So, I did and wow such greatness.

I continued to visit them regularly for several years. I was a school district employee for our local school during the pandemic of 2020. There was no school in session and all I had to do was garden. During this I had lots of time to think. My garden had grown into a passion unlike any other. Flowers everywhere growing and blooming, I loved it.

On July 4,2020 I started a Facebook page for my daily flower blooms and created a shop for homegrown flower seeds. It was successful. Now here we are, over 15 years later a small business making its way.